Our Ethos

Randall C. Hughson

Director of Technology & Innovation

Randall C. Hughson

Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut or astronomer, and I still have the telescope I was given for my tenth birthday. But one night in the late 80’s, watching Hey, Hey It’s Saturday and seeing Electric Blue by Icehouse performed live, I knew I had to play sax. I took that up in high school, added keys and vocals, and continue to play professionally to this day, on both the covers and originals scenes.

I find the whole field of cybersecurity quite fascinating. I know with what we’re doing at Rawson Verco Need – how we’re approaching our client’s financial security, and what we’re doing to reduce risks and educate people – it’s making a positive difference in people’s lives. I really enjoy that. It’s a natural complement to the accounting and financial services we provide.

One of my favourite movies is Sneakers, with Robert Redford, a comedy-drama about data espionage which back in the 90’s was far ahead of its time. I like to think that some of that had an influence on my career. Another influence would be the California-based astronomer and computer engineer, Clifford Stoll, whom I visited and interviewed a few years back on my way to NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Outside work, I keep fit with hiking, and Krav Maga, a street self-defence system. I enjoy maintaining my retro cars (a 70’s Holden and an 80’s Mercedes SEC); as well as spending time with friends and family over a wine and great food. I’m also a big supporter of the Animal Welfare League, RSPCA and environmental sustainability.