Building Internal Leadership Capacity at Rawson Verco Need

Guest Post

Rawson Verco Need are like many clever businesses and are looking for people who can have the conversations that matter to help people to thrive and grow.

What we should remember though is that people can do this whilst not in formal leadership positions like being the “boss” or a director. These influencers, through leadership, make an incredible difference to how people feel. Imagine the roles you have had where there was no-one there to encourage you to grow or to smile when they see you during the day… leaders come in many forms and RVN recognised these people in their teams. They also recognised that there is a specific skill set necessary outside what many of us have learnt in previous roles or at uni.

The Training Guru enables influence and leadership to be practical, sustainable, and simple. We try to help your people to find “Moments that Matter” so that your culture improves as people make many little and better decisions every day. Here are some examples:

  1. Do I put my head down when two people are arguing, or should I have a chat with them? 
  2. Do I ignore a person who is grumpy and isolating themselves, or do I reach out in a caring manner? 
  3. Do I enjoy being in a fun group which excludes others, or do I find ways to make it enjoyable for everyone? 

These 3 examples highlight the extremes that might make the daily commute to and from work either something which is dreaded or filled with anticipation. RVN chose to find ways with our help to support a kinder, more inclusive, and very much more open environment for people to flourish.

The Training Guru found the specific needs of RVN and then developed a set of skills that make having conversations more likely to occur and with better outcomes. 

What we noticed with the team at RVN is that the skills the team of leaders and influencers learnt were useful inside and outside work. Apart from improving how it felt to be a part of the RVN team, it helped people on this program with being a parent, a partner, and a range of roles outside of work which were important to them.

It is important to note too, that not every person who went on this journey made improvements. Some people dug in their heels or did not choose to adjust their style. Now why would we bring this up? Firstly, because it is the truth. Secondly, because here is where some of the magic came out! What was brilliant is that the RVN people on the course started calling out poorer behaviour in their peers and those peers either improved or left. This meant that those who are still at RVN are enjoying the new and improved team feel. Fearing that someone leaves is just not healthy as they:

  1. Play games because they really don’t want to be there
  2. Bring the mood down to others trying to have a good day
  3. Work at a pace which is slower doing only work they choose to do

Let them leave and “stuff things up” at a competitor’s organisation. You may also realise that they might have had a bit to do with the issues at their previous employment.

Craig Need said recently “Our culture is the best it has ever been. We are really grateful for the journey we have taken with The Training Guru. It feels different and that different is better.”

If you are looking for you and your people to have “more spring in their step” when they come in in the mornings and even when they leave at night, think about having a cuppa with The Training Guru. We want to help your people to change the way they think and the actions they take to make working with your organisation enjoyable, satisfying, and a place where they can thrive.

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Time Management

When the RVN team suggested that The Training Guru writes a blog about “Time Management” we have to admit that we got a little worried! We do not want to oversimplify a really tough subject for many of us. If you are like many people we know, and ourselves, when Time Management skills are not being utilised, it hurts. It hurts our family, our health, and the people who work with us. In the spirit of wanting you to feel less pain you may decide to try again and make some good changes here.

Each of us who lives for the entire day today has 1440 minutes to spend… no more no less.

There are plenty of tips we can give you to use your time better, but here are the two most important… you “gotta get the will and the skill” to have a positive impact here. It takes tenacity and understanding with the knowledge the rest of the world is out there trying to destroy any plans you have here. The ad on TV for the latest reality TV show looks so inviting, yet will this fill your life with what you really need in that hour? Time Management requires you to be vigilant. So please:

  1. Get passionate about what you are using your time for (the will)
  2. Have great filters which allow you to decide what you use your time for (the skills)

You will need a reminder from time to time to do this and there might be one coming tomorrow or next week. That reminder usually comes along as a very unwelcome “slap” in our lives which motivates us to redouble our efforts. A week when we have not read a book, called a friend, spent time in a much-loved garden, or our to-do-list at work has got longer and less interesting, might not catch your attention. You may only notice that you feel less happy or fulfilled and this happens so gradually that you barely notice. The “slaps” we get hurt. They come from unexpected places. They come from losing something important to us because we wasted time on the wrong things.

The Training Guru can guide you to do this better. It will involve us having honest conversations, finding out what you personally need, and you committing to making changes which only you can know if you are really sticking to. It will be approaching your attitude as well as using smart tools that can help. It always needs to be both. With only one or the other, it is simply trying to row a boat with one oar… we just go around in pointless circles.

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