Cybersecurity Update

This fortnight’s Cyber Security newsletter takes a look at one of the latest threats we’ve been seeing recently, and what you can do to protect yourself. This is a great example of what to watch out for generally, and how you must always be careful of what you open, the links you click on, and the personal information you share with others.

Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a large increase in the number of text message and email scams involving parcel delivery.

Most of these messages are appearing to come from legitimate sources, such as Australia Post, DHL or FedEx.

Random messages can arrive on your phone or email suggesting that you track or check in on parcel delivery or update an order, despite you probably never initiating a parcel delivery order or dealing with the delivery company being advertised.

Clicking on an embedded link often takes you to a malware download or scam web site in an effort to get you to enter personal or financial details.

This is a very typical scam approach designed to compromise your identity and your finances.

You should ignore and delete these messages immediately. If you’ve received the scam via an iPhone or Android text message, in some cases you can choose to use the phone’s settings to block the sender (do an online search for instructions to do this relevant to the type of phone you have).

If you’ve received these notifications via email, you can use your email program to block the sender, and of course, ignore and delete the message.

If you feel that your privacy and information may already be at risk, we’d also encourage you to make a report to the Australian Cyber Security Centre via this link. You can also feel free to contact us directly for further advice.

If you feel that your finances may also be at immediate risk, not only can you contact us for further advice, but you should contact your bank and report your concerns — many banks these days have dedicated cyber security teams there to help you.

Good luck and feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like more information, particularly if you’re a business where not only your own data may be at risk, but that of your clients and suppliers. Remember, we’re here to help!