Financial Planning

Financial Planning isn’t only about investing money. It’s about laying strong foundations for your future. We can advise you about strategies to help you achieve what’s most important to you.

Check out the life stages below to see how we can help, whatever stage you’re in.

Financial Planning

Our Services

  • cashflow and budgeting tips
  • investment advice
  • wealth accumulation
  • estate planning
  • superannuation and retirement planning, including SMSFs
  • effective debt management
  • personal insurance, such as life and income protection
  • retirement income streams
  • investments, shares and derivatives

The Process

  • Step 1

    You want to take the next step. Let's start with a coffee and chat.

  • Step 2

    We understand and we can help. Let's agree on the scope together.

  • Step 3

    We go and get busy bringing our collaborative vision to life.

  • Step 4

    We walk you through your personalised game plan.

  • Step 5

    Game on! Let us put the wheels in motion for you.

  • Step 6

    Off and racing! We are with you for every bump in the road.

Your Life Stages

Establish a strong foundation

Your 20s can be a time of exploring life, yet you can also start a solid foundation from which to build your future wealth. Consider these tips:

Start by spending less than you earn!

  • spend less than you earn
  • a sure route to wealth
  • save a small amount of your pay for your future
  • avoid racking up credit card debts
  • consolidate your super funds
  • invest in growth assets for the long term

Time to get smart with money

These are often decades of growth and consolidation. You might be saving for or buying a home or renovating the one you’re in, having children, saving for their education or taking an amazing holiday. Here are some tips:

  • pay off ‘bad debt’ and maximise ‘good debt’
  • invest in assets that will pay you a growing income
  • consider growth assets for the long term
  • have insurance to protect what’s precious to you
  • make a Will

Begin to plan for retirement

These are decades of growth and consolidation. You might be considering another house or renovation. Or perhaps you are expanding a business, or seeking to organise your finances so you have more options. Consider these suggestions:

  • make sure your debt is manageable
  • building your wealth in super
  • add to a diversified share portfolio
  • review your insurance needs
  • start considering retirement needs and income

Make sure your money lasts

You’re retired or planning to. You could be downsizing, travelling or helping children or grandchildren. Retirement should be a time to enjoy the money you’ve saved. Consider these tips:

  • avoid entering retirement with debt
  • keep adding money into super and other assets while you’re working
  • maximise government entitlements where possible
  • plan how to draw an income from your assets
  • update your estate plan including Wills and Powers of Attorney