Building Internal Leadership Capacity

Rawson Verco Need are like many clever businesses looking for people who can have the conversations that matter to help people to thrive and grow.

What we should remember though is that people can do this whilst not in formal leadership positions like being the “boss” or a director. These influencers, through leadership, make an incredible difference to how people feel. Imagine the roles you have had where there was no-one there to encourage you to grow or to smile when they see you during the day… leaders come in many forms and RVN recognised these people in their teams. They also recognised that there is a specific skill set necessary outside what many of us have learnt in previous roles or at uni.

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Audit & Compliance Services

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other Government revenue agency audits and reviews are almost invariably unwelcome, unplanned, expensive and time-consuming.

The ATO have recently increased their data matching protocols and currently collect and match data from over twenty other Government agencies which has resulted in them recently warning that they will be ramping up audits in the coming financial years.

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Cyber Security: Black Book

Concerned about cyber security but don’t know where to start?

Rawson Verco Need’s Black Book Cyber Security program is designed to reduce cyber data risk, and elevate the security and resilience of your business.

Our aim is to help you safely engage with the world of technology and maintain ownership of your evermore valuable information.

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