Audit & Compliance Services

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other Government revenue agency audits and reviews are almost invariably unwelcome, unplanned, expensive and time-consuming.

The ATO have recently increased their data matching protocols and currently collect and match data from over twenty other Government agencies which has resulted in them recently warning that they will be ramping up audits in the coming financial years.

The Australian Tax Institute suggests that any taxpayer, individual or small business who finds themselves being audited by the ATO, should seek the assistance of a properly qualified tax practitioner. Therefore, as your accountant, we are pleased to offer you a service that protects you from unplanned and unbudgeted professional fees that may arise in responding to these unexpected audits.

In the event of a knock on the door by the ATO or government agency, requesting an audit of your financial affairs, the offered Audit and Compliance services will enable us, as your accountants, to act on your behalf to provide any information or data requested and oversee the audit process.

The Audit Service covers audits:

  • Notified to us during the term of your cover;
  • Which relate to work performed by us and;
  • Which are conducted in respect of any covered entity.

We are offering our clients the opportunity to subscribe for our Audit and Compliance Services (Audit Services) for the period covering 1st June 2022 to 31st May 2023.

The fee varies based upon your personal entity, business structure and annual turnover and covers our professional fees incurred, up to the covered fees amount on your accepted offer.

Should this be a service you are interested in obtaining for your personal and/or professional entities and have not received any formal invitation to accept via email from us in the last 7-14 days, please contact our office and one of our friendly administration team members will assist you.