Cybersecurity Update

Recently we began a conversation with you regarding cyber security and the role that Rawson Verco Need play in assisting you to become more cyber resilient and protect your wealth.

We’ll be accelerating these discussions from here.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself

  • Am I absolutely sure that I’ve done everything I can to protect my identity and finances? After all, everyone uses a computer or smart phone these days.
  • What am I doing to ensure my passwords are up to scratch using Rawson Verco Need’s “Password Cocktail” methodology?
  • Am I using multi-factor authentication (text pass codes or QR) for everything I can, including Email, DropBox and Social Media?
  • How do I know I haven’t already been hacked? (you might not until it’s too late).
  • How would I explain to my staff — as a business owner and employer — how I failed if their identities and finances were compromised because I thought I was doing everything right, but wasn’t?

Privacy, security and financial safety is about more than simply having a computer guru look after your laptop. It’s a business mindset.

After our last email we began several new conversations with clients and helped them improve their security situation with really simple stuff — especially education and understanding.

If any of your answers concern you, feel free to reach out — we’d love to help.

Next fortnight we’ll be discussing a ‘ransomware’ scenario based on the above, and the implications around it.