Cybersecurity Update

In this fortnight’s Cyber Security Newsletter, let’s understand a little about how a cyber criminal works, and why it’s so important to protect your information.

Around the world, there are many people who, unfortunately, don’t enjoy the quality of life many of us have. This in some cases leads to desperate measures in order to survive, or ultimately, criminal activities. We see this a lot with cyber security, particularly ransomware or any attempts to compromise your identity and data.

Some people are working solo, using unsophisticated tools to “spray and pray” in the hope they can snare a victim and make a profit. Others are pure criminals, working for the same profit but backed by sophisticated criminal organisations and employing far more advanced measures to steal information and money. Some are even backed by other countries, and not all of these attacks hit the news in the same way. For every attack we hear about, there are dozens more we don’t, large and small, local or foreign. Anyone and everyone is a target, no matter the motive.



The opportunities for success that attackers have almost always depends on how prepared we are as individuals and businesses to prevent these attacks. Are we careful about the emails we open and the personal information we share online, whether through shopping sites or social media? Are we using good tools like firewalls and antivirus to protect our perimeters? Crucially, are we aware how valuable our personal information can be to others who would steal it for profit? And to those business owners reading this, are we compliant with the Federal Government’s initiatives and legislation on data protection?

It’s up to us, collectively, to not only protect ourselves from these attacks, but our businesses, families and communities. And that’s what we’re aiming to do at Rawson Verco Need.

Please feel free to reach our anytime and let us help you protect yourselves and your finances — we’re here to help!