Our Ethos

Craig Need


CA, CTA, FTIA, B Ec, Dip Acc

Maybe it was all the wayward elbows to my face playing basketball at a high level, but after one too many rounds of stitches I decided my sporting career would be shorter than my working career. While at Uni, to earn money to survive the year during the Christmas holidays, I worked at my father and grandfather’s accounting firm and found I really enjoyed it. So, after a degree in politics and town planning, I completed an accounting degree.

Craig Need

I had wonderful mentors in my father and grandfather, and thanks in part to them I’ve now got the best job in the world. Best partners, best staff, best clients. I love coming to work every day. I get the most pleasure walking on a long journey with a client who listens to advice, makes a plan and retires financially independent. Very satisfying.

Those mentors told me that the more you give, the more you get. So I volunteer on some Boards and Committees and try to help out organisations doing good work in the community. As a family with four kids, we head up to our place on the River for holidays, water ski all day and then sit on the jetty at happy hour and count our blessings that we live in SA.