Cybersecurity Update

This fortnight’s Cyber Security newsletter focusses on the Essential 8 areas you should be focussing on to help prevent cyber threats, ransomware and more.

The Essential 8 is the Australian Federal Government’s framework of basic recommendations for heightening cyber safety generally.

These recommendations are great for home users and individuals as well, so even if you’re not a business or organisation, you should still take note!

The Essential 8 are;

  • BACK UP your data as often as possible, and keep secure copies in at least two separate locations away from your computer.
  • PATCHING your computers and mobiles and keeping them up to date with the latest software will greatly assist with your protection.
  • 2-Factor or Multi Factor Authentication — such as access to Government services, banking, Xero and many other systems — should be enabled.
  • PRIVELEGES should be restricted, ensuring that only you or authorised people have access to your computer, mobiles and information.
  • MACROS in Microsoft Office programs should be disabled or restricted.
  • APPLICATIONS (your programs and software) should be up to date, access restricted, password and permissions closely controlled (this forms the final three key Essential 8 components).

Are you doing everything you can to protect yourself and your business or organisation from cyber crime? Are there some risks you feel you may have in this area and need help? Feel free to contact us for a further chat.