Our Ethos

Adam Tredrea


CA, Bcom(Acc)

Growing up I was always fascinated by air travel and wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately that dream ended when I was on a flight to Queensland and the plane struck terrible turbulence and a slight fear of flying developed. I started a commerce degree at uni and found I really enjoyed it. I actually enjoy reading tax law, which I know makes me a bit unique. As It turns out, one of my strengths is finding legal ways for our clients to minimise their tax bills.

Adam Tredrea

Most nights straight after work you will find me at my local independent gym. Not being blessed with any form of coordination, I’ve found the gym a great way to keep fit and relieve the days stress. I’m not a fan of cardio, as anyone in the office will attest to, but you will find me in the free weights section.

One of my great passions in life is to enjoy amazing food and wine with friends. I can easily become obsessed with a restaurant or coffee shop, which my one-hour Sunday morning drive to Hahndorf just to grab a coffee, is evidence of. I am really fortunate to have a group of friends that share this passion with, as I’m never short on finding a willing participant to try a new restaurant I’ve read about.